Job title: Systems & Platform Engineer
Job type: Temporary
Emp type: Full-time
Industry: IT & Telecommunications
Pay interval: Hourly
Pay rate: Negotiable
Job published: 17-11-2023
Job ID: 32124

Job Description

Embark on a journey with Ergon, where possibilities converge with potential! At Ergon, we champion the art of strategic workforce solutions as the driving force behind business triumphs. As pioneers in staffing services, we specialize in forging connections between enterprises and exceptional talent, fostering progress, and crafting dynamic teams that propel organizations to unparalleled heights.

Ergon, the nucleus of our family where Function Finds Meaning, embodies the belief that our daily actions shape our purpose, and our purpose defines our existence.

Ergon is currently in search of an accomplished Systems and Platform Engineer for an ongoing opportunity.

The ideal candidate should possess a minimum of 5 years of experience, demonstrating expertise in the following areas:

Scope of Work / Other Requirements: This role will be overseen by technical line management, ensuring the achievement of all outcomes and performance measures. The specific requirements for Systems and Platform Engineering include:

  • Proactive and reactive operational support for systems, platforms, and messaging infrastructure, with a focus on significant IIS and geospatial implementations and Container-based solutions.
  • Maintenance of systems reliability, capacity, utilization, recoverability, and operational health across Windows and Linux servers, appliances, and Containers.
  • Performance of infrastructure vulnerability management activities.
  • Maintenance of disaster readiness.
  • Creation and maintenance of scripts (PowerShell, VBscript, other) utilized in a systems management context.

Deliverables/ Output/ Outcome (specify or refer to an attachment): This engagement seeks the provision of Systems and Platform Administration support and maintenance services for the Department’s on-premises and off-premise systems infrastructure.

The outcomes of this collaboration include:

  • Execution of ITSM activities to SLAs and Infrastructure group standards.
  • Implementation of infrastructure operational and maintenance activities outside of ITSM.